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the Gentleman’s guide to amputation

Pinch, punch it’s the first Pop-Up of the month


GENTLEMEN’S PURSUITS: Today the first concession of Monocle magazine, both outside its own stores and in France, is unveiled at French Trotters mens store, 116 rue Vieille du Temple 75003. The selection of products was curated by the Monocle team and the window display will last for two weeks. Here, we asked French Trotters founder Clarent Dehlouz to list his top five products…

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The Monocle Shop at French Trotters (Paris)

Alden prices set to increase for 2012


After months of speculation we have been officially informed today by Alden Shoe Company that effective December 26, 2011 there will be a significant price increase across the board on all styles.

Please plan your footwear needs accordingly.

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